Supply Chain Management and Logistics Management have been and are becoming more important to economic activities aroung the world. Although supply chain management is a very new industry, it has contributed to the development of the global economy and promoted international cooperation among nations. As a part of that supply chain, Dong A Trading & Service Co. Ltd has experience in providong customs broker services, completeing customs clearance procedures accurately, quickly and have great effect on the circulation of goods and production process. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we will assist our partners in resolving all import – export formalities, preparation of customs documentation and supporting service. We will help you complete the customs procedures for bulk shipments, with a variety of goods, such as consumer goods, clothing, machinery, equipment… We provide consulting service and policies are applied differently for each type of export goods, so we always use flexible but accurate provisions in trade law, customs law to declare and apply HD code so that the tax you pay is the most reasonable.

Ground Transportation & Loading – Unloading Service

In addition to the Customs Broker service, we also provide Ground Transportation services, responsible for shipping goods from the port to the customer's factory and vice versa. With many vehicles, from container trucks, small trucks to large trucks, we ensure that we can carry large quantities of goods at your request. On the other hand, we can transport a wide variety of items such as textiles, chemicals, machinery, electronic components, automotive parts, food, carriages, cosmetic goods. Moreover, with the application of technical equipment and technology, we can have a detailed transportation plan for individual vehicle to ensure that shipments arrive at the port and customer warehouse in the quickest and safest time. With us, the goods of customers will be assured safe transportation quickly, helping your production line customers effectively.


With more than 15 years of experience in import and export, Dong A Trading & Service Co., Ltd is capable of providing consultancy services to customers who have demand for import and export. Export and import are financial transactions of parties in international trade. And a set of documents, documents need to have the certificate of origin of goods and import permits to declare to customs. To do that, the declarer must have experience to avoid errors and take time to influence other activities. Beside, we have experienced specialists that can consult to clients to save cost and time.